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Adult and Young People's Counselling and Therapy in St Albans, Hertfordshire - What is Talking Therapy, and how can it help me?

Counselling is talking therapy. It is a unique opportunity to explore, resolve and learn about oneself. What is not unique or unusual however, is that our emotional and psychological health is as paramount as our physical health. And so one could ask why is therapy and counselling still met with trepidation? In reality when we all fully comprehend and accept that our emotional and psychological well-being is as important as our physical health, we can then value the necessity to look after all levels of ourselves in equal measures. If we had a physical ailment, or a nagging pain in our back that seemed to have begun many years ago, and has worsened over the years, we would inevitably seek medical help. So too we must when we find we are in need of emotional and/or psychological support and guidance. These may include stress, anxiety, depression among others. And the correlation between our body and our mind is not entirely a myth. More and more findings and research are proving that our body and mind are so closely connected, almost intertwined.

Counselling can help with so many issues and aspects of one's life. You may be struggling with a work situation, or with family issues, or within a specific relationship. Or perhaps you are unable to fathom things when having feelings that you are unable to decipher, such as feeling terribly low sometimes and then absolutely fine the day after. You may find yourself in relationships that have many parallels between them, exploring what makes us behave or react the way we do is essential to understand why one might repeatedly struggle in personal relationships resulting in issues that may feel overwhelming and where resolve seems unfathomable.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Being in therapy allows a space and a time which is purely carved out for you, where you can engage with your feelings and thoughts, in the knowledge that no word will be judged, that no thought or feeling shared will invite a biased view. This all leads to building a road to emotional and psychological exploration and healing. Counselling allows a space to freely express and talk about whatever comes into your thoughts, no matter how difficult or controversial they may seem. Having this freedom to express is not only a liberating experience, but it allows a space to reflect and process thoughts which may have previously felt overwhelming. This can help to create a safe and wholesome way to manage one's mental health.

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic therapy is a therapeutic process which helps one understand and resolve their problems by increasing awareness of their inner world and the effects this may have with relationships, both past and present. It is different to most other therapies in that it aims for deeper exploration and changes within oneself, working with unconscious levels, leading to emotional development. By embarking on this process, one can evidently see and feel reduced symptoms which will alleviate distress. This can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and potentially to deep seated changes.

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